How to Create Subscription Forms and Acquire More Leads!

You may wonder, why there was so many updates recently? Well, to make WP ERP an even stronger solution, we are adding many handy features, tweaks and fixing many minor bugs in our recent updates. Our focus is to make WP ERP something truly great on WordPress.

We have a surprise for you in this update!

What’s New in the Update? – Subscription forms

There were total 4 updates upto v1.1.17 this March (2017). Though fixing reported issues were in prime focus we added an important feature too. Our CRM module now has the most wanted subscription form.

You can view the complete change log from here.

Now let’s discuss how you can create subscription forms and also customize them for different purpose.

Create Subscription Forms with latest WP ERP

WP ERP has focused on the CRM module from the start and aimed to turn it into the best available CRM for WordPress. With this view, the new subscription form feature allows you to quickly create customized forms and publish them either as widgets or standalone form on your landing page.

Creating Forms Have Become Easier with Shortcodes

This new update has built-in shortcodes and they will create customized subscription forms for your website. You can create a new post or page and put the form there to allow your users to subscribe to your CRM solution. It is also possible to place the form as a widget on the sidebar to make things more convenient.

Create Subscription Form using WPERP

Besides that, you can specify the lifestage, in which your subscribers will be stored. This is very handy for you and your CRM agent to prepare strategy for turning them into leads. You can also sent follow-up emails to them if necessary.

You can read our documentation to understand how these short-codes work and create subscription form for you.

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