Need to buy all the extensions for the CRM module?
We are offering all the extensions released until December 2016 in a single bundle in 30% discounted price!

Please note that all the extensions are for single site installation only. That means you will have one license key for each product. You can activate each plugin only in one site.

Here is a list of the extensions that are included in the bundle-

 No. Extension Name Price (USD)
 1. Custom Field Builder
Create additional fields for employee, contact, etc
 2. Deals
A smart tool to manage and guide your CRM agents on a faster and organized sales process
 3. Email Campaign
Create personalized, automated and beautifully designed outbound emails for campaigns or customer follow up emails
 4. Gravity Forms
Create new contacts in CRM when a gravity forms submission is made
 5. Hubspot
Sync your CRM contacts with HubSpot
 6. Mailchimp
Sync your CRM contacts with mailchimp
 7. Salesforce
Send SMS notifications to employees and CRM contacts
 8. SMS
Send SMS notifications to employees and CRM contacts
 9. WooCommerce
Integrate WooCommerce data with the CRM and Accounting module
 10. Workflow
Automate actions in your ERP system with this advanced add-on
Total $830
Bundle Price $599
Discount $231


Billed yearly until cancelled



Who should buy this bundle?

  1. Already using WP ERP but does not have any extensions
  2. Not using WP ERP and needs someone to set it up along with all the available extensions.

How do I get the free installation and configuration service?

You will receive an automatic email with the necessary details right after purchasing this bundle. Reply to that email and you will get the schedule within 48 hours max.

Do I have to pay in future?

All of our product requires an active subscription to receive automatic updates and support. So if you do not want any update or support after 365 days of your purchase, you can cancel the subscription.