HR Frontend

Bring the powerful HR Module of WP ERP to your web front using this handy extension.

HR Frontend Extension creates useful pages for your website. It also helps you to manage your employees directly from your website frontend. You can view and update your employees using this feature extension.

Most importantly, your employees also get a dashboard in your web front. They can request for leave and update their basic information. You don’t have to give them access to the backend or WordPress dashboard and it greatly increases your privacy and security.

Using this extension, you can –

  • Bring the HR module to the frontend of your WordPress powered website.
  • Manage your employees easily.
  • Update their status and other relevant information.
  • Create profile page for your employees directly on the frontend.
  • Allow your employees to submit leave requests without accessing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Use easy short-codes to generate HR Frontend pages according to your requirements.

You can read our blog for more information regarding the HR Frontend extension.