The lightweight yet Powerful Importer for Your Mailpoet Subscriber Lists

Looking for a way to transfer or import your subscriber list from Mailpoet to your WP ERP CRM module? Don’t worry!

The wait is over, now you can import all your subscriber list with a single click. It doesn’t matter whether you have thousands of contact, our Mailpoet Importer will get the job done in no time.

Why Should You Use Mailpoet Importer

Imports Your Mailpoet Subscriber Lists

With this lite yet handy tool, you can easily transfer all your contact or subscriber list directly to your CRM module.

No Data Loss

Mailpoet Importer can import your subscriber details with 0% data loss. You can even select which fields or data you want to import.

Import Single or Multiple List at a Time

ERP Mailpoet Importer has the capabilities of importing multiple lists at a time. You can also transfer all of your subscriber details with a single click.

Import as Mailpoet Lists

You can import your lists from Mailpoet just as they are. This means it creates an exact copy of your list including the list name.

Import as CRM Contact Group

Not to mention, you can import your Mailpoet subscriber lists as CRM Contact Groups. You can create a new group and import them directly to the newly create one. On the other hand, you can also import your subscribers to an existing contact group!

Specify Lifestages and Contact Owners

You can also select lifestage of your subscribers from Mailpoet list and specify contact owner for that list.