Save time and money with a workflow based organized recruitment system that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system.

With WP-ERP Recruitment add-on, you can directly create, publish and manage your recruitment from your WordPress powered company website. You can also take recruitment exams online with our questionnaire forms, review the results, proceed to hiring with an organized workflow.

Benefits of the Recruitment add-on →

  • No need to pay on external site for each recruitment opening.
  • Taking exams online saves the huge cost and hassle of taking the exams physically.
  • No paperwork needed at all.
  • Directly hiring saves time in HR input.

With this extension you can →

  • Take recruitment exams online onsite.
  • Publish recruitment directly onsite.
  • Create custom forms for individual recruitments.
  • Predefined biography forms which are customizable.
  • Build questionnaire sets with multiple methods of response.
  • Workflow and candidate status for each recruitment.
  • Status reports on each recruitment.
  • Add a “to-do” assigned to an employee with any candidate form.
  • Hire and import candidate directly into HR system.
  • Assign recruitment lead and interviewers (imports from the HR).
  • View and print attached CV file directly from the candidate profile.
  • Add notes, rating, change status of a candidate from the candidate profile.
  • View responses to the questionnaire directly from the profile.