Need live segmentations of your customers and send them emails or resources or want to increase your sales through more upselling opportunities?

Our WooCommerce integration helps you to insert all the customers and guests to the CRM module of WP ERP. WP ERP has a built-in feature to create live segmentations. This means you can create a segment once and when new entries match with that segment, they are added automatically.

You do not have to filter and export over and over again and import that to MailPoet, MailChimp or any other email system every day!

How helpful is this bundle?

  1. You pay 20% less for both the plugins.
  2. You can make segments of contacts and WooCommerce customers based on the products they have bought, the place they live, the last billing address they used and 20 other important filters!
  3. Each and every filter contains conditions. You can filter out customers who have purchased an exact, less than or more than an amount.
  4. You can send newsletters from your very own server or use the built in SMTP feature to use a third party mailing service.
  5. Your CRM agents will be able to see the customer log from the contact’s profile. This log contains all the actions the customer has taken on your site including the recent orders they made.
  6. We will be adding more features every month to both of the extensions to work more seamlessly and save you more time.

Who should buy this bundle?

If you already have a WooCommerce powered store and using a newsletter or email campaign program to upsell or promote your products, then you can switch to this bundle and save at least $200 each month.

If you want more freedom customizing the templates and want to work without limits, then our solution is the best fit for you. We do not have any limits on anything!

What am I getting in this bundle?

  1. Single Site License for the Email Campaign Extension
  2. Single Site License for the WooCommerce Extension
  3. One year updates and support for both the extension