WooCommerce ERP – The Best CRM and Accounting solution for WooCommerce

This extension is based on WP ERP – A free plugin available at the WordPress.org plugin repository. You will get full featured CRM, Accounting and HRM with this plugin without any cost.

The WooCommerce integration for WP ERP works seamlessly with the Customer Relationship Management module and Accounting Module of WP ERP. The configuration is pretty easy to get started with and doesn’t require regular updating once online.

Why use an ERP with your WooCommerce Store?

The features of this integration between your WooCommerce store and WP ERP module will give your store the most advanced tools you can get to manage your business. We believe in the rapid growth of the modern eCommerce businesses and to really take them off the fence into the field, you definitely need the enterprise like business approach.

It’s not just about the store, it’s about
maintaining your company

WooCommerce by default does not have any communication system with the customers. As a case, you have to rely on a simple contact form on your site. The problem with contact forms is that there is no way to track and categorize your customers and run marketing campaigns or provide better pre-sales or post sales support. You will not be able to segment your customers, see their previous communication with you and give better followups. Some customers will also be reluctant to give your their email address through a form. So, without a CRM, you will be missing out on a subscription list, a better way to check customer history, no conversation record, keep notes and reminders on customers and specially lose a lot in potential marketing.

Order management system is nice in WooCommerce, some even even love it. But what about after your orders are processed? You still have to calculate your profit, your warehouse, how much you spend to acquire the goods, your investment, loss from refunds, employee salary etc. To do that, you are probably going to use solutions like Xero, Odoo, SAP etc. These solutions are costly, and the integration if any makes it even costlier. What can bother you more is that time lost and confusion built up by jumping between platforms and losing track of concentration. Each platform has their own niche and limitations, maintenance, subscriptions, which might really not make up for you.

So, what WP ERP does it that it solves all of these problems from a single place by handing out the most essential tools you may need, for free. Just with a single integration with WooCommerce, you will get all of the features you need to manage your store.

This makes your company management cost effective, saves time and keeps things organized centrally in a better way.

Also, around that platform, a lot of strong extensions have been built that can specifically give you the features you need keeping your cost at minimum.

Integration Features


Seamless on-boarding

We have a synchronization feature on the settings panel to fetch the existing customers and their order data. So you will be able to search, sort and make segments for all of your previous customers and make more personalized communication with them.

Real-time Sync

The system creates a new contact on the CRM module each time an order is made on your site. So your customer support executives have access to the Non-Sensitive order and customer data on their CRM panel and resolve customer and order queries faster.

Email Campaign Integration

The best feature is our search segments have integration with our Email Campaign extension. So, you can run email marketing campaigns to the customers who have already bought t-shirts from you and you can offer them new collections using newsletters.

Powerful Filters & Contact Status

You can search all your contacts based on the order amount, specific product buyers, location and 22 other proven filters to help you identify the customers better and make effective communication.

You can also select the contact status for each stage of any order and new signups.


You can search, filter contacts and save them as a segment to use them later for various purpose. Like you want to identify all the users who have spent more than $200 at your store and you want to offer them a discount coupon or you want to find the users who have bought the Iron Man t-shirts and now want to inform them about your new Captain America collection.

Everything on the same screen

We have displayed all the relevant customer data on the same screen. So your CRM agents will not have to navigate through multiple menus, tabs and pages to search for information of the same customer. This will save you time, reduce your server load and improve overall customer satisfaction.


The main objective of this integration was to save your time importing and exporting data from WooCommerce and merging data from several places. You can enter your offline sales data manually here and the WooCommerce data will insert time to time. So one less task means more time to do things.

Sync Old Orders

The synchronizing tool pulls all the old order data and adds them as sales invoice and completed payments as payments for the respective orders.

Real time Sales Data

You can see all the orders as sales and payments as payment for invoices from the sales menu of the accounting module. You can even print sales invoices from there.


You can view reports and sales data in real-time combining the entire sales of your company. So you do not have to use a calculator to combine the sales of the day or for a specific time frame.