How to Bring WP ERP HRM Module to the Frontend

A good number of our users were looking for a frontend solution for WP ERP. They were conscious about the security of their site and didn’t want to give access of the backend to their employees. If you are one of them and have peeled your eyes wide open, then brace yourselves – I have what you have been looking for!

The most awaited frontend extension for WP ERP, the HR Frontend is now available. This extension brings the powerful HRM module to your web front. It creates useful pages including HR Dashboard, Employee list and Employee Profile. It also helps you to manage and update your employees directly from frontend.

Capabilities of HR Frontend Extension

Now, let us explore what are the benefits you can get using this feature extension.

Bringing the HRM module to the frontend – Available pages:

The most important feature that HR frontend gives you is the capability of bringing the whole HRM module of WP ERP to your frontend. Now, that’s impressive, isn’t it? You don’t have to access the WP Dashboard page for using the HR features anymore. You can just navigate to your site and visit HR pages to complete the same activities that your could do on the backend.

The HRM Dashboard

At first, you will get the HR Dashboard and it is just like the one you have on the backend. You can get a bird’s eye view on all the details about your human resources.

Most importantly, your employees also get a dashboard in the web front. They can request for leave and update their basic information. You don’t have to give them access to the backend or WordPress dashboard and increases your privacy and security.

Allow your employees to submit leave requests

Here’s another thing that you will surely like about this amazing extension. You can let your employees to submit leave request without accessing the admin area. They have to visit the Dashboard page and click on the Take a Leave button just above the calendar. The Leave Request form will appear and they can just enter the information to get started with the process.

Your employees can also visit their profiles and click on the Leave tab to get all the details about their leave. This makes things easier for both your and your employees.

Easing things up with Attendance Extension

You can checkout the Attendance extension of WP ERP. It works perfectly with HR Frontend and you can allow your employees to check-in or check-out from the HR Frontend Dashboard page.

Learn more about the Attendance Extension

Generate HR Frontend pages on the go

The HR Frontend Extension creates three pages for your website automatically. Here is the list of pages with their own short-codes so that you can create them manually if you want.

  • Dashboard: [erp-hr-dashboard]
  • Employee List: [erp-hr-employee-list]
  • Employee Profile: [erp-hr-employee-profile]

Create profile page for your employees

You can also create My Employee Profile page using a simple shortcode. Just copy and paste the following short-code to any new page and publish to create this page.

Short-code: [erp-hr-my-profile]

Manage your employees easily

Using HR Frontend you can also update status and other relevant information of your employees from the frontend. The new created pages works just like backend and you can manage your employees very easily.

You can terminate any employee with a single click and also edit any information you want. All you have to do is to visit the Employee List page and click on the employee you want to manage.

The employee update form will appear and you can easily update their information, add new education, qualifications, experience and many more.

HR Frontend gives you many useful capabilities on your web front and strengthens the security and privacy of your website. As you already know, WP ERP is a free plugin with HRM, CRM and Accounting features. You can add this feature extension and make the best of your HRM module.

Learn More About the HR Frontend Extension →

About Mainul Kabir Aion

Mainul is a Data Story Teller, Data Analyst and Technical Writer. He is currently working as the Research Analyst and spends most of his time on research. He enjoys testing our products while writing documentations and in his free time.

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  1. Ahmed


    Thank you sir ,
    I have a question
    How can employees add their basic information from frontend(Set up their files)

    1. Mainul Kabir

      Mainul Kabir Key Master  

      Hi Ahmed,
      Thank you for your query. The HR Frontend Extension allows your employees to view their employee account information directly from frontend. They can also edit or add their basic information just by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button on their profile. Basically, this extension bring the HR module of WP ERP to the frontend so that you get similar experience. If you have further query please mail us at
      Cheers 🙂

  2. Gerald Jansen

    Gerald Jansen

    Will you be adding an accounting front end extension as well?

    1. Mainul Kabir

      Mainul Kabir Key Master  

      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for your interest in WP ERP. Our aim is to delight our users with exciting features and use cases. We have plans to add an accounting frontend extension very soon.
      Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to receive updates. If you have further query, don’t hesitate to email us.

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